How To Calculate How Many Kilograms Of Minerals Your Pool Needs Based On Your Blue Connect Readings

Jul 13, 2021


When your salinity (salt density) level is outside the recommended range, you should try to rectify this as soon as possible. If your salinity level is too high, this could damage the cell of the chlorinator and potentially damage other pool hardware. On the flip side, when salinity levels are too low, the conditions of the pool may become unhygienic, as the pool will not produce enough chlorine to keep the pool clean.

Conveniently, the Blue Connect smart pool analyser alerts pool owners when their pool salinity level is outside the predetermined range set within the Blue Connect. But what’s next? What volume of pool minerals do you need to fix your salinity level? Read on to learn how to calculate how many kilograms of minerals your pool needs, based on your Blue Connect readings for your pool.

Step 1: Work Out How Many Litres Of Water Your Pool Holds

To work out how many litres of water your pool holds, follow this simple formula:

Pool Length X Pool Width X Pool Depth = Pool Water Volume

For example, if a pool was 8 metres in length, 4 metres wide, and had an average depth of 1.5 metres, it would hold 48,000 litres:

8 metres X 4 metres X 1.5 metres = 48,000 Litres

Step 2: Check Product Instructions

The next step is to check your product instructions. For example, the Eco Clear Minerals advises that for existing pools, you should add 1 bag per 10,000L to raise parts per million by 1,000 parts per million.

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Step 3: Add The Required Minerals

So, if your Blue Connect has alerted you to say that your pool is at 3,000 parts per million, and ideally we want to get to 4,000 parts per million, you will need roughly five 15 kilogram bags of the Eco Clear Minerals product to achieve the desired parts per million. Once you have added these bags to the pool, you will have successfully fixed your pool salinity!

The Blue Connect Takes The Stress Out Of Pool Monitoring

If you have any questions about the Blue Connect, or need help choosing the right pool chemicals, the Pool Builders Pool Shop team would be happy to help. With our off-site monitoring system, professional in-field services and highly esteemed team, we’re committed to taking the stress out of pool care. Be sure to get in touch with our friendly team if you have any questions about your pool maintenance.


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