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Introducing the Maytronics Dolphin M700, a robotic pool cleaner designed for pools with a maximum length of 15 meters. This advanced cleaner effectively cleans not only the pool floor but also the walls and waterline, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience. It offers a convenient “pick-me-up” mode for easy handling, Wi-Fi connectivity for remote control, a temperature sensor for enhanced functionality, a 5-stage LED filter gauge for clear maintenance tracking, and a Bluetooth remote control for added convenience. Additionally, the M700 grants access to exclusive Maytronics For Life benefits, making it a top choice for your pool-cleaning needs.

Unparalleled Pool Cleaning Excellence

Elevate your pool cleaning experience to extraordinary levels with the remarkable power of cloud technology. Welcome to a new era of pool maintenance. The M700 introduces a time-saving approach with its user-friendly operation and seamless Wi-Fi connectivity. Utilize the MyDolphin Plus app to personalize cleaning schedules and take manual control of your Dolphin, ensuring a thorough cleaning of the pool's floors, walls, and waterline.

This exclusive 10-year Maytronics anniversary edition boasts innovative enhancements, including a water temperature sensor and a 5-stage filter gauge. Moreover, it includes an extended 4-year warranty and exclusive access to the coveted Maytronics For Life benefits program. Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your pool cleaning routine—get your M700 today!

  • Climate Care Certified
  • Mydolphin Plus App
  • Always Connected
  • Powerstream Mobility System
  • Cleverclean™ Coverage - Precise Navigation System
  • Dynamic Dual Drive Motor
  • Pick-Up Mode
  • 5-Stage Filter Indicator
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Maytronics For Life


Ideal pool length: Up to 15m
Cleaning coverage: Floor, walls and waterline
Cleaning cycle time: 1 / 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 hours
Power supply features: Cycle selector, filter indicator, water temperature sensor, weekly timer, delay start, Bluetooth remote control, choice of features and cleaning modes
Cable + swivel: 18m with swivel
Water temperature sensor: Yes
<b<Filter indicator: 5-stage LED filter indicator
App connectivity for control and programming: Always Connected MyDolphin™ Plus app - full featured programming
Navigation and manoeuvrability: CleverClean scanning and dynamic dual-drive PowerStream mobility system
Brushes: All terrain PVC brushes with dual active scrubbing
Filtration: Multi-layer extra large filter with integrated fine and ultra-fine filters
Caddy: Included
Robot weight: 11.5 kg
Warranty: 4 years
Maytronics For Life: Lifetime benefits including 30 day satisfaction guarantee, yearly lifetime robot health checks, lifetime support & buy-back guarantee

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