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If you are tired of your family experiencing itchy, irritated eyes & skin from chlorine and chemicals- then it is definitely time to try OZONE!

  • Ozone is faster & more effective than chlorine at killing bacteria, parasites & viruses.
  • Ozone obliterates the cell wall from the outside, causing the cell contents to fall apart (This process is called cell lysing).
  • After destroying harmful pathogen cells, 03 (Ozone) simply reverts back to 02 (pure Oxygen). The additional oxygen in the water creates a safe, clean and refreshing swimming experience with NO toxic or hazardous by-products!
  • 3 Year Warranty


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Enjoy the benefits of OZONE ONE for yourself

Ozone, the powerful oxidiser

Ozone effectively reduces the presence of chloramines that cause red eyes, dry skin, and respiratory irritations. Imagine never having to do shock treatments to your pool again. Your eyes, skin (and your wallet) will rejoice!

Crystal clear water

Ozone acts as a micro-flocculant or clarifier that allows your filter to capture the tiniest particles - resulting in crystal-clear water. Get noticeably clearer water with pristine, sparkling clarity.

Extends the life of your Chlorinator

Ozone leaves no trace, no taste, and no smell, due to the fact that Ozone reverts back into pure Oxygen.

OZONE ONE can be fitted to almost any chlorination system.

An easy upgrade for salt or mineral pools. Ozone One generators enhance your salt pool’s sanitation and clarity - for ultra-pure, ultra-clear swimming pool water. Ozone protects against chlorine-resistant pathogens, maximizes water clarity, and boosts your salt system’s performance!

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