Why Remote Pool Monitoring Is The New Normal

Apr 22, 2021

The pool maintenance industry has undergone significant technological development and innovation in recent years. Among the array of new products on the market, our expert pool technicians have noticed a stand out product that has changed the game for pool servicing and pool monitoring.

Blue Connect Plus (or as we like to call it, the ‘Little Blue Genie’) has taken pool maintenance to a whole new level. Monitoring technology at the level of reliability and accuracy afforded by the Blue Connect is an industry first.

Not all pool owners have had access to this innovative digital pool solution. Some pool builders in the industry are reluctant to promote it, as they may lack the resources to install it. On the flip side, generic pool retailers fear promoting the Blue Connect will harm their profitability. This is because clients who install this system ultimately spend less on serving fees or unnecessary chemicals.

At Pool Builders Pool Shop, we have evolved the Blue Connect technology into an off-site management solution for pool owners. With so many customers loving their newfound control over their pool maintenance, remote pool monitoring has become the new normal.


What Is The Blue Connect?

The Blue Connect combines a water quality sensor and smart algorithms to interpret water, weather and user data. Our pool technicians install the Blue Connect for our customers in the Greater Brisbane area. From here, the pool owner can monitor their pool system data whenever they choose to. They also gain access to Pool Builders Pool Shop’s off-site monitoring service.

What Is Off-Site Monitoring?

Once the Blue Connect has been installed in your pool, we add you to the Pool Builders Pool Shop monitoring platform. We then monitor this daily as part of our off-site monitoring service. You’ll only receive pool system updates if we detect your water chemistry is outside the predetermined threshold set within the Blue Connect device.

To rectify any detected issues, simply click on the link provided to your alert to order the chemicals you need and get these delivered straight to your door. Alternatively, we can come and install the chemicals for you.

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Be Alerted As Soon As An Issue Arises

The Blue Connect smart pool analyser makes for a highly effective remote pool monitoring service. From the Pool Builders Pool Shop end, and for the pool owner, the pool maintenance process is seamless.

We monitor all of your pool system notifications daily. You can choose to receive weekly updates of your pool system data via email or SMS. As well as keeping a close eye on your pool system data, we provide a constant link for client communication with our pool shop. Our experienced technicians interpret the data and communicate it back to you – ensuring you fully understand the issue.

Accurate Data, Reliable Reports

Pool Builders Pool Shop cares about pool owners receiving accurate results when analysing their pool. The algorithm driving the Blue Connect smart pool analyser has not been engineered to sell or promote pool products. Instead, it delivers impartial and reliable reports that you can trust. This helps you avoid unnecessary maintenance costs or servicing fees.

Diagnose Problems Over The Phone

Who else loves when technology actually saves us money? With the Blue Connect, you save money (and time) on call out fees, as problems can be diagnosed over the phone. As our pool technicians have full access to your pool system data, you’ll gain access to tailored advice on chemical applications and quantities. This means you’ll have the confidence you’ve selected the right product for the job.

Take The Stress Out Of Pool Maintenance

One thing our clients have loved about using the Blue Connect is that it takes the stress out of maintaining a healthy pool. By having our expert pool technicians (who are all trained and fully qualified pool builders) monitoring your pool full time, you can rest assured that we’ll catch small problems, so they don’t become big problems.

Take Control Of Your Pool Maintenance

While our pool technicians monitor your pool system data remotely, the Blue Connect smart pool monitor also empowers the pool owner to take control of their pool maintenance. With the corresponding mobile app, your pool system data is available at your fingertips. You can view your pool system reports whenever you please. This affords you peace of mind that your pool is running smoothly.

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Get Started With Remote Pool Monitoring

Remote pool monitoring has become the new normal. With a device as technologically advanced as the Blue Connect Smart Pool Analyser, pool owners are empowered to take control of their pool servicing, avoid service call out fees and save valuable time.

At Pool Builders Pool Shop, we’ve been building pools for decades. We understand the intricacies of a pool build and have the expertise and qualifications to interpret pool system data. Our team are well versed in the installation of the Blue Connect, and are currently offering the Blue Connect for $350 + free installation. In case you didn’t know, that’s $300 off the full Blue Connect price!

Of course, we still offer professional and detail logged in-field pool services, at a trade price. But we feel it’s important to empower our customers with the choice to select the best pool service option for their pool needs. If you’d like to learn more about the Blue Connect smart pool analyser, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our helpful team.

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