Mineral Swim - Experience the Dead Sea

The Mineral Swim System

combines 100% Dead Sea minerals with natural pool water purification to create therapeutic, healthy and crystal clear water.

Experience The Dead Sea With Mineral Swim


Recreating the relaxing natural, healthy pool experience that people have enjoyed for thousands of years at the Dead Sea, mineral pools make water that is far superior to swim in.

Maytronics, pioneer of the Dolphin Robotic pool cleaner, is an Israeli company that has partnered with AHAVA to mine these minerals straight from the Dead Sea.

Rules The Waves

We are proud to embrace the innovative international award-winning Mineral Swim pool system.

After years of research and development, this exciting breakthrough in the world of swimming pools has hit the ground running. The benefits of mineral pools are numerous, making this an enticing alternative option for Brisbane’s health-conscious and eco-aware homeowners. It’s like bringing the Dead Sea into your swimming pool.

The magic of magnesium | Advantages

The main component in mineral pools is magnesium chloride, which has proven health benefits as well as being eco-friendly.

100% Dead Sea Minerals

from ‘Nature’s Greatest Spa’, the Dead Sea in Israel – over 50% of the bag is Magnesium

Mineral/Magnesium Pools

more comfortable to swim in,
with softer & silkier water

Health & Wellness

therapeutic benefits including muscle relaxant

No Stickiness

or chlorine smell after bathing – minerals have a moisturising effect

Crystal Clear Water

magnesium is a natural flocculent

Detoxifies & Regenerates

boosting our natural defence systems

Ozone Water Purification System

Kills 99.9% Bacteria

Kills 99.9% bacteria 1,000-3,500 times faster than Chlorine

Powerful Oxidiser

Can run lower Chlorine levels, use less chemicals such as acid

Product From The Water

Removes Chlorine smell and chloramine