Off-Site Monitoring

We take the stress out of maintaining a healthy pool

Pool Builders Pool Shop offers thorough off-site monitoring of your pool system by using the smart pool analyser Blue Connect, so you’ll be alerted as soon as an issue arises. This helps to stop small problems from becoming bigger problems. 

What Does Off-Site Monitoring Include?


Monitoring of all your pool system notifications


Weekly updates for your pool system via email or SMS


We provide a constant link for communication with our pool shop

Why Choose Off-Site Monitoring?

  • Pool Builders Pool Shop’s off-site monitoring makes diagnosing problems easy – it can be completed over the phone. This saves you time and saves on call-out fees.
  • Alleviates warranty issues with your pool and equipment installers.
  • Gain access to tailored advice on chemical applications and quantities. This means you’ll have the confidence you’ve selected the right product for the job.

What Separates Pool Builders Pool Shop From The Rest?

  • Our off-site monitoring empowers our clients with reliable, full-time monitoring of their pool.
  • Monitoring technology at this level of reliability and accuracy is an industry first.
  • Our experienced technicians interpret the data and communicate it back to you – ensuring you fully understand the issue.