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Blue Connect

Smart Pool Monitoring, 24/7

Pool Builders Pool Shop are strong advocates for the Blue Connect smart pool analyser. The Blue Connect combines a water quality sensor and smart algorithms to interpret water, weather and user data.

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Blue Connect Smartphone App

The Blue Connect smartphone app empowers pool owners to view their pool system data in a way that’s easy to follow and interpret.

  • Your pool system data is available at your fingertips
  • Reports are easy to follow and interpret
  • The pool sanitisation report outlines pH level, chlorine level, salinity level (salt density) and your water temperature
  • Empowers you to make informed decisions about your pool water chemistry

Off-Site Management

Pool Builders Pool Shop has evolved the Blue Connect technology into an off-site management solution for pool owners.

Once Blue Connect is installed in your pool, you are added to the Pool Builders Pool Shop monitoring platform. We then monitor this daily. You’ll only receive pool system updates if we detect your water chemistry is outside the predetermined threshold set within the Blue Connect device.

To rectify any detected issues, simply click on the link provided to you email to order the chemicals you need and get these delivered straight to your door. Alternatively, we can come and install the chemicals for you.

Established Technology

The technology driving the Blue Connect system has been used across commercial and domestic applications for over a decade. However, it has been difficult for pool owners to embrace this technology for a couple reasons.

  • Pool builders are reluctant to promote this product as part of their pool construction. They often lack the resources to install it.
  • Alternatively, they often lack the confidence to administer the off-site management programs after pool handover.
  • Pool retailers and service technicians fear promoting the Blue Connect system will harm their profitability. This is because clients who install this system ultimately spend less on serving fees and unnecessary chemicals.

Improved Pool Testing

Pool Builders Pool Shop cares about pool owners receiving accurate results when analysing their pool. The algorithm driving the Blue Connect smart pool analyser has not been engineered to sell or promote pool products.

It delivers impartial and reliable reports that you can trust.
This helps you avoid unnecessary maintenance costs or serving fees.

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