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Pool Heating Systems

Pool Heating Systems

Pools aren’t just made for summer. At Pool Builders Pool Shop, we believe you should be enjoying your pool year-round.

Sinking into the pool after a long day, or splashing around with the kids on the weekend is a ritual that should be enjoyed at any time of the year. Despite Australia’s warmer climate, our natural pool temperatures become uncomfortable for swimming during the cooler months.

Fortunately, Pool Builders Pool Shop has the solution. We stock reliable pool heaters that have been engineered to last.

Oasis X13Astral Pool Eco 8KW Heater

Guaranteed Heating,
No Matter What The Weather

Pool heating systems extend ‘pool season’ even further. Pool Builders Pool Shop only stock pool heaters that have been optimised for year-round heating. This empowers pool owners to get the most value from their pool.

Oasis X13 Pool Heater

The Oasis X13 Pool Heater is specially designed to add months of enjoyment to your swimming season and maintain ideal temperatures for up to 8 months a year.

*T&C: For enquiries outside of the Greater Brisbane area, please contact our team for a customised quote.

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oasis x13 pool heater pimps

Oasis X13 Specs

Performance Condition: Air 27˚C / Water 26˚C

Heating Capacity


Running Current


Performance Condition: Air 19˚C / Water 26˚C

Heating Capacity


Heating Power Input


Cooling Capacity


Cooling Power Input


Running Current


Power Supply

10 AMP Plug

Compressor Quantity




Fan Quantity


Fan Power Input


Fan Rotate Speed


Fan Direction




Water Connection


Water Flow Volume


Water Pressure Drop (max)


Unit Shipping Dimensions (L/W/H)

1040 x 415 x 615

Net Weight/ Shipping Weight


Cooling capacity is based on a 19°C ambient air temperature and 26°C water temperature

Advanced, Award-Winning Heating Technology

  • Rustproof & Anti-Corrosive
  • Whisper-Quiet Fans
  • Perfect Heating Replacement for Solar Pool Heating
  • Easy to Install
    • Titanium Spiral Heat Exchanger
    • This technology is superior to standard pool heat pump exchangers and comes with a 25 year warranty against corrosion.
    • Commercial Grade ABS Plastic Casing

Smart Heating & Smart Technology

Get your pool ready – before you arrive home.

With the Smart Pool Heater App, you can check the status of your pool heat pump at any time, even in remote locations. This lets you adjust your pool temperature to your liking, so you can jump right in as soon as you get home.

If an issue arises, the app will alert you straight away, providing a detailed report of the error and what triggered it, allowing you to directly troubleshoot the problem and correct it.

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Easily Share Your Heat Pump Data

With the Smart Pool Heater App, pool owners can easily share their pool heat pump data with one of Pool Builders Pool Shop’s helpful pool technicians, if they require further assistance resolving any issues.


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Astral Pool Eco 8KW Heater

Starting at: $3700 Including Installation

The Astral Pool Eco 8KW Heater is an excellent choice for pool owners looking for an electric pool heater that doesn’t break the bank and has minimal environmental impact.

If you’re not ready for pool season to be over, get yours installed now.

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Pool Heater Astral Eco Pool Heater Pool Builders Pool Shop



HeatPumpGO App compatible


Viron connect compatible


Wifi module included



Product number


Water pressure drop (max) Kpa


Water flow volume

53.33 (L/m)

Water connection


Sound pressure 1M Db(A)



10A Cable with plug



Running current

0.5-6.0 Amp

Refridgerant type


Refridgerant type


Efficiency (COP)


Heating capacity

1.9-8 kW

Dimensions (L x W x H)

1003x403x603 mm

Efficient & Ecofriendly

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Super efficient
  • Faster heat-up times
  • Optional WiFi module add-on for use with the HeatPumpGo app

Energy Saving Technology

The Astral Pool Eco 8KW Heater is equipped with inverter technology. Inverter technology is often considered superior to other pool heat pumps as it is highly energy efficient.

Inverter technology allows the swimming pool heat pump to reach an extremely high COP compared to other heat pumps on the market. This innovative technology reduces the speed of the unit as it reaches the desired temperature. This dramatically reduces energy consumption while facilitating faster heat times and a constant pool temperature.

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Reduced Energy Consumption, Reduced Environmental Impact

The Astral Pool Eco 8KW Heater uses R32 Gas Refridgerant. This pool heating technology offers higher efficiency and longer pipe runs and requires less refrigerant volume per Kw. The result? Pool owners experience quicker heating times and require less energy to heat up their pool.

In fact, the Astral Pool Eco 8KW Heater can reduce electricity consumption by 10%. This pool heating system has helped countless pool owners cut down on their electricity bill, while helping them to lower their environmental impact.

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Extend Your Pool Season Today!

Get in touch with the Pool Builders Pool Shop team to secure your Oasis X13 at a great price or to request an onsite visit for the Astral Pool Eco 8KW Heater to extend your swimming season.

Pool Heating Systems