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Welcome to the Pool Equipment section of Pool Builders Pool Shop, where we offer an extensive selection of products to keep your swimming pool in top condition. Our range covers everything from essential maintenance tools to advanced equipment, ensuring you have everything you need for a pristine and enjoyable pool experience.


Comprehensive Range for Every Pool Requirement

Our equipment categories are designed to cater to every aspect of pool maintenance and enhancement:

  • Pumps: The heart of your pool’s circulation system, our pool pumps range from energy-saving models to robust designs for different pool sizes.
  • Filters: Essential for clean and clear water, our pool filters include media filters, cartridge filters and sand/glass options, ensuring effective filtration for all pool types.
  • Chlorinators: Keep your pool water sanitised with our selection of pool chlorinators. We offer various models, including saltwater chlorinators and alternative sanitisers, to suit diverse preferences.
  • Pool Lights: Transform your pool into a nighttime oasis with our range of LED and halogen pool lights. They are perfect for creating a safe and inviting ambience.
  • Maintenance Tools: From leaf rakes and brooms to vacuum heads and hoses, our maintenance tools simplify pool upkeep.
  • Automation Systems: Embrace modern convenience with our pool automation systems, allowing you to control pool settings remotely for optimal operation.
  • Alternative Sanitizers: Explore eco-friendly alt sanitizer options like UV clarifiers and ozone systems to maintain pool hygiene without relying solely on traditional chemicals.
  • Additional Equipment: Dive into our other equipment selections, including blowers, waterfalls, pool rails, and ladders, to enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your pool.

Quality and Innovation at Your Fingertips

At Pool Builders Pool Shop, we pride ourselves on offering equipment that combines quality with the latest innovations in pool technology. Whether you’re looking for energy efficiency, ease of use, or advanced features, our product range is curated to meet the highest performance and reliability standards.


Expert Advice for Your Perfect Pool

Choosing the right equipment can be challenging, but our team of experts is here to help. We offer personalised advice to ensure you find the perfect products for your pool’s specific needs.


Seamless Online Shopping Experience

Enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience with detailed product descriptions, easy navigation, and secure checkout. Plus, with our prompt delivery service, your pool equipment is just a click away.

Dive into our Pool Equipment section and discover everything you need for your swimming pool. With our comprehensive range and expert support, maintaining and enhancing your pool has never been easier!

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