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Long Life UWL LED pool lights available with bucket for niche mount of surface mount configuration.

Leading Lighting Technology
  • Suitable for Fibreglass pools.
  • One-piece Moulding with no joins to eliminate water ingress.
  • Engineered Lens Diffuses light evenly throughout Pool.
  • Compatible with Astralpool Salt Chlorinators (Light Control Enabled Models only).

The FLX Lights will take your pool parties to the next level. These lights come with 3 Colour Transition Modes - Smooth, Fade and Disco. Plus, there are 7 colours to choose from.

The slim profile of these lights ensure minimal intrusion into the pool. Therefore, pool owners can maintain the sleek, modern look of their pool - these lights won’t interfere with the design. Plus, the one piece moulding prevents any water ingress.

The FLX Fibreglass pool and spa light is specially designed and built for fibreglass pools.

Product Details
  • Require 12VAC transformer. Switch power supply on and off to change colours and transition modes.
  • Lights will start on last colour or mode selection.
  • Overmolded heat sink dissipates heat. Lights will operate out of water without damage.
  • FLX model specifically designed for fibreglass pools.