In-Field Servicing

If you’re after a pool service, you’ve come to the right place. Pool Builders Pool Shop’s extensive experience in building pools from the ground up has made us the experts in maintaining them.

We’re dedicated to offering all pool owners a professional and detailed logged service, whether you’re after a regular check-up or are looking to address a complex problem.

Regular Pool Servicing Protects Your Pool

To ensure proper pool care and maintenance, our expert team at Pool Builders Pool Shop recommend getting your pool serviced monthly (every 4 weeks), particularly for those who don’t have the time or just want to trust their pool to the professionals.

For pool owners who prefer to have a more hands on approach but want a professional’s opinion for peace of mind, we recommend getting a professional service every 3 months (or every 12 weeks).

    What We Do

    You can expect a comprehensive, quality pool service, when you book with Pool Builders Pool Shop.

    Our complete service package includes:

    • Brush down of pool steps, walls and floors
    • Removal of water debris
    • Clean of basket contents in the skimmer box and pool pump
    • Check for pool staining or defects
    • Water chemistry test (water test and chemical balance check)
    • Add the required chemicals specified in your unique water chemistry report (emailed directly to your inbox)
    • Clean out any debris from your robotic cleaner
    • Set up pool cleaner cycle and program your weekly timer
    • Full equipment check on all filtration, check for any maintenance
    • requirements (check seals for leaks)
    • Filters backwashed and cartridges cleaned
    • UPGRADE: Vacuum of pool if necessary

    For reoccurring services, we offer our complete package starting from $88 a month plus 1 month FREE at the end of your 12 month contract! (Chemicals charged as required and are extra)

    For one-off jobs, our qualified pool technicians offer services starting at $88, depending on your needs.

    Having been in the pool servicing industry for a long time, we pride ourselves on offering a fair price for our services, that is well below that of regular pool shop franchises.

      Worry Less – Leave It To The Experts

      Pool Builders Pool Shop Conducts a Spin Disc Test

      One of the most accurate ways of testing pool water. Unlike generic pool shops, we’ll share the results of your pool test with you. You’ll find the full chemistry report in your inbox.

      We're a Team of Pool Builders

      We know exactly what to look for when checking for defects in pools and in pool equipment.

      We're Equipped

      with the knowledge to conduct repair work on all equipment ourselves.

      As Industry Experts,

      we’re able to provide superior pool services and chemicals at trade prices.