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At Pool Builders Pool Shop, we offer a comprehensive and quality pool service, ensuring your pool is in top condition. Our complete service package includes:
  • Thorough brush down of pool steps, walls, and floors.
  • Removal of water debris and cleaning of basket contents in the skimmer box and pool pump.
  • Detailed checks for pool staining or defects and a full water chemistry test.
  • Addition of the necessary chemicals, based on your unique water chemistry report, which is conveniently emailed to you.
  • Cleaning out debris from your robotic cleaner and setting up the pool cleaner cycle.
  • Reviewing your weekly timer and conducting a full equipment check, including filtration systems and maintenance checks.
  • Filters are backwashed, and cartridges cleaned. Additionally, we offer an upgrade option to vacuum the pool if necessary.
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347 Ipswich Road, Annerley, QLD, 4103, Australia
1800 808 133

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Offering all pool owners a professional, detailed logged service at a trade price.

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Professional service agent, authorised and trained to undertake a full range of services, maintenance and repairs.