Don’t Wait Until Summer to Have Your Pool Swim Ready!

As we all know Winter is where we hibernate and our pool is no different!

We shut it down, and unless we have a heater it goes to the back of our mind until the sun starts to come back out in Spring, but as we are looking at the unused pool we notice that it seems dull, it has some staining, and calcification from all the activities from over summer.
Human nature is we will leave it until we start to use it again and then get it back to its former glory….



At Pool Builders Pool Shop we are a firm believer your pool needs attention all year round and winter is no different. But winter is also a great time to conduct that well overdue maintenance of your pool.

Do you have Stains, Calcification, Dullness in your interior, then we can help. 

For the months of June, July & August we at Pool Builders Pool Shop are offering a one stop treatment to give your pool new life. Over a period of a Week
(Monday, Wednesday & Friday), we will come to your home and conduct what is known in the industry as an ACID BOMB!

No Draining, Refilling or Rebalancing Required!

What we do is reduce the PH of your pool, so that is creates a high acidic environment within your pool. The acid then will gradually eliminate loose particles and surface stains. This is conducted over a period of a week (sometimes longer), but throughout the process we will update you, and be conducting regular visits to you to ensure that we get the utmost from this treatment.

This winter special we are offering to all our past, current & future clients for

$600 all inclusive.

**NB Individual results may vary, results are not guaranteed, and results may take time to be seen**


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