Pool Builders Pool Shop Is Trusted By Brisbane’s Leading Pool Builders

At Pool Builders Pool Shop, we’re always looking to make pool maintenance easier, for both pool owners and pool builders. That’s why we are proud to announce that we have recently partnered with four of Brisbane’s leading pool builders; including:

Pool Builders Pool Shop wants to help make the pool handover process as seamless as possible for pool builders. We understand that protecting the integrity of the pool after the build and well into the future plays a critical role in a pool builder’s reputation. In working with the above pool builders as their trusted pool handover partner, these pool builders can rest assured their hard work and their reputation remains secure; well beyond the pool handover.

We want seamless pool handovers accessible for all pool installers and pool owners. That’s why Pool Builders Pool Shop can partner with any pool builder. Our team is well versed in maintaining both concrete and fibreglass pools. Regardless of the pool type or pool design, we will maintain the pool at the highest standard with our ongoing pool maintenance services.

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We’re Passionate About Stress-Free Pool Maintenance

Pool Builders Pool Shop uses smart pool technology to drastically cut down the time and financial costs of pool maintenance. Unlike other generic pool shops, Pool Builders Pool Shop has the technical skill to install and work with the latest pool technology. We routinely install the Blue Connect (or as we like to call it, the Little Blue Genie) into pools of various designs.

This innovative technology empowers our pool owners with 24/7 access to their pool system data. Now, pool owners don’t have to go to a generic pool shop for a water test to check their pool water chemistry. Instead, they can check their pool system data in the corresponding Blue Connect app, whenever they please. With the Blue Connect, pool owners have constant access to their water chemistry report, which outlines pH level, chlorine level, salinity level (salt density) and water temperature.

Off-Site Pool Monitoring

We’ve innovated traditional pool services with our off-site monitoring system. As well as installing the Blue Connect for pool owners, Pool Builders Pool Shop can add them to our very own off-site monitoring platform – which we monitor daily. Here, we check the pool owner’s Blue Connect data, provide weekly updates via email or SMS and offer a constant link for communication with our pool shop. With our off-site monitoring, pool owners can relax knowing that Pool Builders Pool Shop will alert them as soon as any issue arises with their pool. This plays a big role in preventing the small problems from becoming big problems.

But we don’t stop there. We make sure every pool owner has a solution for their problem. Along with a full diagnosis of the problem, our pool shop will outline any chemicals required to address the issue and will provide direct links for these products to our online shop. Better yet, we deliver these straight to your door. Now, to solve a pool issue, pool owners don’t even need to leave the house!

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Brisbane’s Most Trusted Pool Shop

At Pool Builders Pool Shop, we’re proud to be innovators in the pool maintenance industry. We care about giving our customers excellent products and services that do the job. Our expert pool technicians have been working with pools for decades; we understand the ins and outs of pools like the back of our hand. That’s why more and more leading Brisbane pool builders have put their trust in Pool Builders Pool Shop for their pool handovers. If you care about pool owners having access to unparalleled pool care services, be sure to contact our expert team today.

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