How To Preserve Your Pool Warranty After Your Builder Handover

The types of pool warranties that affect pool owners differ depending on the pool. Accordingly, the structural warranty requirements for a concrete pool and a fibreglass pool show some differences. Regardless of the type of pool that has been built, preserving your pool warranty with proper pool maintenance after the pool build handover is critical; for both you (as the pool owner) and your pool builder. Read on to learn how to safeguard your pool warranty.

Concrete Pool Warranty

Provided a licensed pool builder has built your pool (which we hope is the case!), concrete pools will largely be covered under the relevant State Statutory warranty period. This cover differentiates from state to state across Australia and is only valid if the pool owner has a signed contract with their builder. In many cases, no supplementary warranty is offered beyond this and relies on the pool builder’s workmanship warranty if they have one. It’s therefore highly recommended that you discuss the level of protection your pool builder’s warranty affords you if an issue occurs with your pool.

Fibreglass Pool Warranty

Structural warranty is critical, especially for fibreglass pool builders who are subject to strict guidelines regarding pool servicing to keep up with their warranty requirements. Like concrete pool warranties, fibreglass pools are also covered under the Statutory Warranty requirements (again, for pools contracted by a licensed pool builder). Although, some reputable fibreglass pool companies offer a structural warranty too. The terms of these warranties differ from company to company, so it’s best to check with your pool builder or installer on what the specifics for your pool are.

Preserving Your Pool Warranty After Build Handover

Once your pool has been installed or built, as the pool owner, you need access to trustworthy pool maintenance resources. This is critical in preventing issues from occurring with your pool’s warranty after the handover from your pool builder. Notably, the warranty can be voided if you can’t provide water test results for your pool.

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Using The Blue Connect To Protect Your Pool Warranty

The Blue Connect (often referred to as the “Little Blue Genie” here at Pool Builders Pool Shop), provides pool owners with 24/7 access to their pool water chemistry reports, making it the ideal maintenance tool for swimming pools.

This smart pool monitoring empowers you to take control of your pool maintenance. With the corresponding smart phone app, the reports are easy to follow and interpret. The pool sanitisation report clearly outlines the pH level, chlorine level, salinity level (salt density) and water temperature of the pool. This technology gives the power back to you as the pool owner, and allows you to make informed decisions regarding your ongoing pool maintenance.

Off-Site Pool Monitoring With The Blue Connect

Unlike generic pool shops, Pool Builders Pool Shop’s team have the confidence, skills and expertise required to install the Blue Connect smart pool analyser. Plus, we’ve evolved it into our very own off-site pool management system.

Once we have installed the Blue Connect into your pool, you are added to the Pool Builders Pool Shop monitoring platform – which we monitor on a daily basis. If we detect that your water chemistry is outside the predetermined threshold set within the Blue Connect device, we will alert you right away.

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But we don’t just leave you with a problem and no action plan to fix it. We send the pool owner an email or SMS, which contains a diagnosis of the pool problem, outlines any of the chemicals required to fix the issue and provides direct links to these products so you can order them on our online shop and get them delivered straight to your door. This is not only incredibly convenient for you as the pool owner, but you can rest assured that you’re purchasing products that will actually fix the problem, as you can see the pool water chemistry report for yourself on your phone.

Prevent Small Problems From Becoming Big Problems

The Blue Connect detects the small problems early, stopping them from becoming big problems. With Pool Builders Pool Shop’s offsite monitoring platform, we connect our clients with the products they need, making their pool maintenance easy. We have installed the Blue Connect smart analyser into countless concrete and fibreglass pools across the Greater Brisbane region. When a pool owner has greater control over their pool maintenance, they are better equipped to take care of their pool, which will ultimately help them to preserve their pool warranty. That’s why we are the ideal handover partner for pool builders. To learn more about Pool Builders Pool Shop’s trusted pool maintenance services, be sure to get in touch with our helpful team today.

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