Is Your Pool Prepared For Storm Season?

Many regions across Queensland have just recorded the wettest November in 100 years. According to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), La Niña will persist for the next few months. The BOM estimates this will eventuate in above-average downpours and greater tropical cyclone numbers right through to March. With the expected continuation of this wild weather in South-East Queensland, you may be wondering how prepared your pool is for storm season.

Now more than ever, it’s important we take the right steps to ensure your swimming pool remains healthy all summer long – rain, hail or shine. Read on to learn how to properly take care of your pool during storm season.

Manually Clean Your Swimming Pool

Cleaning the swimming pool manually is a good starting point after a storm. After a storm, all sorts of items may have fallen into your pool; including leaves, branches, palm fronds, bugs, and even furniture after a particularly hazardous storm. Remove the fallen debris with a netted pool scoop. Then with a pool brush give the pool walls and steps a good scrub. You can also choose to vacuum the pool with a manual cleaner or simply use a robotic pool cleaner like one of these.

Pool Backwashing

Backwashing the filter of your pool is always important, particularly for pools with a variable speed pump. The necessity of pool backwashing becomes even more pertinent come storm season. When you backwash your pool filter, this dislodges trapped contaminants and debris. They are flushed out of your pool via your pump’s waste line or a hose that is connected to the pool pump.

To backwash your pool, follow the steps in Tim’s tutorial on backwashing your pool:

  1. Ensure the pump is switched off.
  2. Shift the handle to ‘backwash’.
  3. Turn the pump back on.
  4. Run the backwash until the spyglass shows clear, clean water (after about 30 seconds).
  5. Switch the pump off to move the handle.
  6. Shift the handle to ‘rinse’.
  7. Run the rinse mode until the spyglass shows clear, clean water (after about 30 seconds).
  8. Switch the pump back off.
  9. Shift the handle back to filter.
  10. Put the pump back on timer mode.

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Rebalance Water Chemistry

With rain being acidic, large downpours will alter your pool’s pH. During the wet season, test your water regularly to ensure your swimming pool water pH remains between 7.2 and 7.6. You can choose to pop down to the Pool Builders Pool Shop store where we’ll calibrate your water quality, or you can install the Blue Connect in your pool. This device measures your pool water data and allows you to view it whenever you need to via your smartphone.

With Pool Builders Pool Shop’s off-site monitoring service, we will notify you if your pool water is outside the predetermined threshold set within your Blue Connect. Our SMS notification also comes with a convenient list of the right chemicals and products to fix the issue. We link these products to our online shop, so you can order and deliver them straight to your door, to fix your pool water quality ASAP.

Recalculate Pool Minerals Needed

The addition of mass rainwater to your pool will dilute your pool chemicals. The changes in pool water quality will need to be addressed as soon as possible after a storm to prevent algae growth. You will therefore need to add minerals back to your pool. Follow these steps from Tim on how to calculate how many kilograms of minerals your pool needs:

  1. Work out how many litres of water your pool holds.
  2. Check product instructions.
  3. Add the required minerals.

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Ensure Your Swimming Pool Area Has Adequate Drainage

Some pool owners think their best port of call is to drain their pool before a storm. This is in fact not a good idea for fiberglass pools.

The weight of the pool’s water holds your pool in place. Removing the swimming pool water can cause your pool to pop out of the ground. On top of this risk, it’s just not practical to drain your pool for every storm when you live in South East Queensland.

Instead, ensure your swimming pool area has adequate drainage. This will prevent the space surrounding the pool, such as dining areas and gardens, from flooding.

Get Your Pool Prepared For Storm Season With Pool Builders Pool Shop

Having the right pool maintenance systems in place prior to storm season will empower you with the right tools to tackle pool cleaning and pool repair this summer. Pool Builders Pool Shop is here to help you ensure your pool stays healthy and clean all through the storm season. Our off-site monitoring, powered by the Blue Connect, along with our wide range of pool chemicals and products, make maintaining your pool easy regardless of the time of year. Of course, you can always book an in-field service with our specialist pool technicians too. Be sure to contact our friendly team on 1800 808 133 for more information.

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