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Make night-time swims a blast with this awesome light up water cannons. They’re fun for playing in or out of the pool. It’s perfect for a summer water fight in your yard, on the beach or anywhere outdoors.

Have a great time soaking your friends with this Light Up Blaster. The tube structure makes it easy to suck up water and shoot it long distances with great accuracy.

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The Tidal Light Up Water Blaster glows in the dark and can shoot a jet of water up to 9 metres! It comes ready to use with replaceable coin cell batteries.

Load it up from the pool or a bucket and turn the light on and off with an easy to reach button on the hilt.

  • Great pool toy for kids or teens
  • Super easy to use and fast to fill up
  • Pull the handle back to load the blaster with water, aim it, and push the handle forward to shoot a jet of water at your target
  • Light up the night and see your surroundings easily with the glowing tube
  • Easy to carry around and floats on the water
  • Recommended for ages 6 years and up