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This genuine Astral replacement filter cartridge for the Hurlcon ZX150 comes with a 12-month warranty for peace of mind.

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Genuine Astral ZX150 Filter Element/Cartridge

Any complete explanation of why pool and spa filters vary in their effectiveness needs to take into account ‘cake’. Not the dessert variety, which tends not to mix well with wet leisure activities, but the cake that plays a vital role at the heart of a working filter cartridge.

The surfaces of the filter media immediately start to capture particles – essentially acting as a sieve. Accumulation of these particles forms a layer on the filter fabric surfaces, which forms the base of the 'cake'.

As the 'cake' builds, with addition of more and more particles, pores in the fabric become increasingly narrowed and blocked, so that the filter becomes more effective in removing small particles from the water.

Surface and cake filtration are the primary basis for the filter’s action. Another mechanism, known as depth filtration, also occurs, as smaller particles pass into the media’s channels and become trapped.

The ability of filtration media fabrics to maintain a stable cake largely determines how efficiently the filters will do their job.

Advantages Of The Genuine Astral ZX150 Filter Element / Cartridge:
  • Uniformity of fabric thickness
  • Weight and flow resistance, with no vulnerable thin spots
  • Filtration efficiency
  • Rigidity of the pleats against deflection
  • High mass and consequent high surface area and strength of the material
  • Fine diameter of the fibres
  • Trilobal fibre shape which adds further to the surface area for particle absorption
  • Microban effectively inhibits microbial growth
Features & Benefits:
  • Easier to clean filter cartrage
  • Prevents the growth of harmful microorganisms
  • Less odor
  • Longer lasting filter
  • Exceptional dirt-holding capacity
  • A strong, high quality media used for over 30 years
  • Unique construction of cartridges
  • Remay spunbound polyester
  • Even pleats that stay sharp for increased surface area and better filtering

A poor filter cartridge becomes clogged more quickly, needs more frequent cleaning and replacement, and risks
damaging the circulation pump by restricting flow.


Length: 495mm
Diameter: 230mm
Top Hole: 75mm
Bottom Hole: 75mm