Swimming Pool Technology & Innovation in 2022

Picture this, it’s a cold winter day and you’re in your local pool shop having a minor crisis because the saltwater minerals you need are out of stock and a thick film of debris is slowly consuming your pool at home. You’ve already spent an hour talking to the Pool Shop customer service rep about the difference in pool pump voltage and watts and now they’re advising you that the shop is closing in 5 minutes…

While this might seem like the norm, it certainly doesn’t have to be like this in 2022. Pool maintenance is a time-consuming process and we would always opt for spending less time maintaining our pool on the weekends and more time enjoying it. So, you’ll be happy to know that Pool Builders Pool Shop provides a range of modern and innovative technology that can completely change your perspective on owning a pool.

Here’s our guide to getting the most out of your home swimming pool or spa for the least about of effort!

A Pool Fit For The Future

Smart pool technology is the long-lived dream made a reality! Smart Pools are sustainable, cost-effective and can even be programmed to suit your busy lifestyle! From your smartphone, tablet or PC you can remotely customise everything, starting from the filter levels, up to temperature and lighting.

During the cooler months, you can easily preheat your pool, monitor, when the filter needs to be changed and turn the lights on without having to go outdoors.

Better yet, Smart Pools allow you to schedule maintenance remotely and get all the data on your device. Combined with our Robot Pool Cleaners range and other smart systems, and you can keep your pool in great condition with minimum effort.

Our Recommendations

Digital Pool Solutions

If your pool is built by our sister company Environ Pools you will already be familiar with the inbuilt Blue Connect technology. The Blue Connect smartphone app is an empowering tool for pool owners to view their pool system data in a way that’s easy to follow and interpret.

With the Blue Connect technology you can:

  • View your pool system data anytime, anywhere.
  • Easily follow and interpret reports on your pool’s pH level, chlorine level, salinity level (salt density) and water temperature.
  • Make informed decisions about your pool water chemistry.

Pool and Home Automation

Viron Connect is to the swimming pool what home automation is to the modern home. An advanced LCD touch screen interface enables the whole family to use the pool and spa, whenever and however. The optional internet gateway allows you to download the Connect My Pool App for Apple or Android devices and allows you to control your pool from anywhere in the house, or around the world.

  • One-Touch Favourite Mode
  • Pool & Spa Automation
  • Integrating all your pool & spa equipment
  • Integrates with home automation

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Pool Builders Pool Shop’s off-site monitoring makes diagnosing problems easy – it can be completed over the phone. This saves you time and saves on call-out fees. Use the app to alleviate warranty issues with your pool and equipment installers.

  • Gain access to tailored advice on chemical applications and quantities.
  • This means you’ll have the confidence you’ve selected the right product for the job.
  • Our off-site monitoring empowers our clients with reliable, full-time monitoring of their pool.
  • Monitoring technology at this level of reliability and accuracy is an industry first.
  • Our experienced technicians interpret the data and communicate it back to you – ensuring you fully understand the issue.

Pool Heating

Be the envy of your neighbourhood with a Smart Pool Heater and jump into your pool at any time of the year! During the unbearable winter months, you can remotely adjust your pool temperature to your liking with the Smart Pool Heater app and check the status of your pool heat pump at any time!

Here at Pool Builders Pool Shop, we’re massive on the ins and outs of pool heating, so our two top heating systems Oasis X13 and the Astral Pool Aco 8KW are both compatible with remote monitoring and smartphone integrations. Plus, our team can help you make sure you find the perfect solution to your needs, arrange the installation, and even run you through how to use your apps so that you can monitor your pool heating and know when to give us a call again.

Pool Lighting and Sound

Create a nightlife aesthetic by setting the mood and tone at your next house party with our AstralPools Connect LITE technology. Change the colours of your swimming pool or spa lights and set up to four colour-changing LED lights that can easily be adjusted via its long-range remote. This is great for those who don’t want to lose their remote outside, have filtration under a deck, or just want the pool to be ready and waiting.

Pool Builders Pool Shop can deliver and install the Connect Lite Controller to the Greater Brisbane Area (+ Delivery Fee).

Sync up our Wireless Speaker & Underwater Light Show for a complete pool party fitout. The Blutooth speaker provides great sound quality as it floats on the surface of the water.

Pool Cleaners

Many pool owners have embraced the idea of robotic cleaners, it’s almost as if we’ve stepped into a future utopian reality, but without the plot twists! The Pool Builders Pool Shop Robot Pool Cleaners range is designed to make your life one-hundred times easier with intuitive convenience and smartphone compatibility. You can control and monitor your cleaning progress using the iAquaLink™ app while you sit back and relax.

Robot Pool Cleaners use sensor technology to identify the configuration of your pool and optimise the cleaning path and cleaning time.

Features include dual-stage filtration to capture both small and large debris, coupled with the patented cyclone suction, guaranteed to showcase extremely powerful and long-lasting suction.

Our top range robot pool cleaners like the EVOLUX EX5050 IQASTRAL VIRON QT 1050 and DUO-X™ DX4050 IQ are also energy efficient and Climate Care Certified by SPASA Australia, so your pool practices can remain sustainable.

This is only just the beginning of our beautiful relationship with smart pool technology! So stay tuned and follow Pool Builders Pool Shop online to see our latest products and tips for pool innovation.

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