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Introducing the Maytronics Dolphin S 150, a robotic pool cleaner designed for pools up to 10 meters in length. This model is exceptionally lightweight, features a rapid water release system, and offers precise waterline cleaning through versatile multi-directional water jets.

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Exceptional Pool Cleaning Performance

The Dolphin S150 stands out in pool cleaning thanks to its remarkable qualities. Its ultra-lightweight design, combined with rapid water release capabilities, makes it incredibly easy to manage. Equipped with a dual-layer filtration system featuring fine and ultra-fine filters, it efficiently captures both coarse debris and fine particles. With its active brushing action and PowerStream Mobility System, the S150 guarantees comprehensive pool coverage, delivering thorough scrubbing across all surfaces.

  • Climate Care Certified
  • Powerstream Mobility System
  • CleverClean™ Coverage - Precise Navigation System


Ideal Pool Length: Up to 10m
Cleaning Coverage: Floor, walls, and waterline
Cleaning Cycle Time: 2 hours
Power Supply Features: On/Off with weekly timer
Navigation and Maneuverability: CleverClean™ scanning with PowerStream™ mobility
Brush: All-terrain PVC brush with active scrubber
Filtration: Multi-layer filtration system with integrated fine and ultra-fine filters for rough debris and fine dirt
Caddy: Optional
Cable + Swivel: 15m with swivel
Robot Weight: 7.5kg
Warranty: 2 years (limited)