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Introducing the Maytronics Dolphin S 50, the ideal robotic pool cleaner designed for smaller and above-ground pools. Its lightweight and compact design, along with its top-access filter system, makes pool cleaning a breeze. The Dolphin S 50 excels in expertly cleaning the pool floor, ensuring a sparkling clean result.

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Effortless Pool Cleaning

The Maytronics Dolphin S50 robotic pool cleaner is the perfect solution for plunge and above-ground pools, making pool floor cleaning a breeze. This lightweight and compact design, combined with its top-access filter system and rapid water release, ensures easy handling at all times. The Dolphin S50 guarantees a pristine pool floor and sparkling water, simplifying your pool maintenance tasks.

  • Climate Care Certified
  • CleverClean™ Coverage - Precise Navigation System


Ideal Pool Length: Up to 8m, ideal for above-ground pools
Cleaning Coverage: Pool floor
Cleaning Cycle Time: 1.5 hours
Power Supply Features: On/Off
Navigation and Maneuverability: CleverClean™ coverage
Brushes: All-terrain PVC brush with active scrubbing
Filtration: Single-level filtration with fine filters removes rough dirt and debris
Caddy: Optional
Cable: 12m
Robot Weight: 6.3kg
Warranty: 2 years (limited)