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Zodiac’s Titan Series pool pumps are high-performance, medium-head pool pumps that are suitable for small to medium-sized residential pools. Reliable workhorse pumps, a Titan Series pump will last for years and requires minimal maintenance.

Available in two models: ZTS100 and ZTS150 in order of increasing capacity.

See the specifications for more details on which model is right for you.


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Key Features
  • Energy-efficient and cost-effective: The Titan Series pool pump is extremely energy-efficient and quiet when in operation; ideal for small to medium sized residential pools. The impeller and diffuser have been designed to ensure maximum output with minimum turbulence.


  • User-friendly: The Titan Series pool pump has been designed with the consumer in mind. It is equipped with a clear-view easy-to-remove hair and lint pot lid and a ring-lock body design with a ring-lock spanner included for easy maintenance. The pump’s compact design also allows it to be installed in confined filtration setups.


  • Quality assurance: The Zodiac Titan Series pool pump has been specifically designed and certified to Australian Standards. The pump is double-insulated with an IPX5 motor-rating. To ensure the pump does not overheat it has been equipped with inbuilt thermal protection. The pump also features a moulded base plate that provides it with extra clearance from the floor to safeguard it against any potential water damage.
  • Horse Power: 1
  • Voltage: 240 V
  • Input: 970 Watts
  • Full Load: 4.7 Amps

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